Ben10 Vs Skeletons

The aliens are not attacking the Earth anymore, but Earth is now facing a new kind of threat as a shaman just awaken the skeletons. Now, they seem to be living and killing the people. They only want one thing and that is to totally annihilate the human race. but, Ben is to give up without a fight. Even though, his Omnitrix is damage and can't be use, he is courageous enough to fight the skeletons head on. He barricaded himself in a fortress as his last defense. There, he would make his last stand.

The skeletons are attacking and you need to defend your fortification since the skeletons will destroy it. You got a shotgun at the start of the game. A car and a gun turret mounted at the top of your fortification. However, you can't just use the gun turret since you would need some bullets. There are some falling gifts above and all of these gifts has some items that you can use to defend yourself. The game don't end when your fortification is destroyed. Keep on fighting as long as there is a life left in you. The game will become harder and harder as you make some progress.

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