Ben10 Zombie Survival

The apocalypse is here as the dead are walking the streets and feasting on the flesh. Each people or animal they kill turns into one of them. No one knew what started it all, but we knew that this is the start of the end for the population. We need to band up together and fight the zombies or there won't be left of us. This happened while Ben was chasing an evil alien. His Omnitrix got broken from fighting the alien, so he can't rely on his alien watch. for the meantime, he need to use his katana and anything that he can to fight the zombies.

Help Ben survive the zombie outbreak as long as you can. The zombie attack is not permanent as they will somehow seize. However, that will be a long battle as you would need to wait till all the zombies are dead. Your basic weapon is your katana, but you can switch to a gun, whenever it is dropped from above. You can also get some potion to fill your rage meter. When the rage meter is fully charge then that will be your most powerful weapon.

Try to survive as long as you can!!!

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