Ben10 Ultimate Samurai

Ben Tennyson is one of the greatest superhero that we got today. Some people might think that his courage comes from the fact that he has the powerful Omnitrix at his disposal, but the truth is his courage goes way beyond that. He will fight as long as he knows that he is right. This attitude comes from his ancestor, who was a samurai in Feudal Japan. During those times, an evil warlord wants to take over the world, but Ben's ancestor take his ground and defend Japan against the warlord.

In this game, you will see how Ben's ancestor fought the oppressor as he battle countless Ronin that serves under the Warlord. Try to grab as many power orb as you make your way. Those are not power-ups and are only good for additional points. There are two types of weapons available for you; katana and shurikens. Remember to rest when your life points are almost down to zero because it will regenerate by itself. Also remember that proceeding to the next level will not let you regain all your lose life points in the game. The game will be harder and harder as you make some progress.

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