Ben10: Ultimate Warrior

The aliens are attacking and with the current technology of the world, the government alliance can't do anything about it. The hope of the world lies in the shoulder of Ben Tennyson as he have the power to change form to be able to combat these aliens. Upon knowing of the alien invasion, Ben quickly came to the scene of the crime to investigate and what he found out is that it is indeed a massive invasion. Ben can't hesitate to use his powers or the world will cease to exist. The aliens must be stop and there is only one person for the job - Ben 10.

You can change into three alien forms and each one of them has their own power. Try to beat them as fast as you can since you don't want to be overwhelmed. Don't worry about getting hit since your life bar will regenerate in due time. Life regeneration depends on which alien you are using. When your life bar reaches zero then the game is over. After you finish one wave then another wave will start and you need to defeat all the aliens in that wave to be able to proceed to the next level.

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