Ben 10: At the Colosseum

Ben was trailing Psyphon anywhere the latter goes. He eventually found out why was Psyphon was abducting powerful aliens from all over the galaxy. It turns out that Psyphon is selling them to the Colosseum, so that they could fight for their lives while being watched by billion of viewers all over the galaxy. It was too late for Ben as he got caught while spying. Now, he need to participate in the Colosseum to fight for his life. He needs to win several matches to be able to get out of the deadly game.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to knock out each opponent before they can knock you out. You can't defend yourself on this game as you will just need to make sure that every blow you give hits the target. If not, they will knock you out and that will be the end of the game. You will get some gold each time you hit the enemy, but if you want more gold, better go for the knockdown. You can use the money to buy better mount or better weapon. Your enemy will be tougher as you make some progress.

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