Ben 10 Saving Bellwood

Bellwood is under attack by the pure energy Megawatt. Megawatt absorbs all kind of electricity and makes more of him. This is not eh first time that Ben battle with Megawatt, so Ben knew what to do. He transform into Heatblast and intercept any electric ball that his enemy throws at him. He need to make sure that none of the projectile will reach the ground since that will destroy some of the establishment on the town of Bellwood. It seems that the two are ready to go at it all over again and settle their difference. But, other than confronting Megawatt, Ben knew that he needs to protect the town above all else.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot the projectiles that Megawatt is throwing at the town. The projectile will broke into little pieces and you need to shoot it till it is gone. Should any projectile reach the ground then that will damage your life and when the damage is more than you have then the game is over. Sometimes, Megawatt will appear and you need to hit it, so you can get rid of all the projectiles. The game is continuous and doesn't stop till you have life left.

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