Ben 10: Code Red

When Dr Psychobos and his army invaded the Plumber's base, they only one task in mind and that is to free the captive aliens. Ben and Rook was there, as well, so Psychobos become excited and taunted the two. Ben knows that this is the worst time for them since his Omnitrix still need some fixing. The infiltrators have freed the captives and now they want to escape, but the Plumbers don't want that to happen. All of the captives are dangerous criminals and will cause trouble to the galaxy if not the world. Ben and Rook got transformed into an alien since the Omnitrix was malfunctioning.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to place the character where it could hit the most enemies. Ben and Rook will be place by the computer in a remote location. You can place the Plumbers and some aliens that has a special power. Unfortunately, you can place one alien race, so you need to plan your defense. The Plumbers are unlimited. You an upgrade each character after each level, but you would need to earn some points to upgrade. There are four zones in the game and each zone Ben would transform into different aliens.

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