Ben10 Vs Zombies

The zombies are on a killing spree and they want to eat all of mankind. Fortunately, Ben is back from another one of his adventure and he would never let that happen. However, he can't use the Omnitrix right now as it needs to be fix since it is broken from his last adventure. Now he would need to depend on a gun, knife, and grenades to kill all the zombies. Ben knows that there won't be a home left if he let the zombies do as they wish. No one will be left alive to enjoy all the beauty in this world.

The idea is to kill the zombies before they can even get close to you. However, the zombies close to you won't be your end as you can run or fight till you have eradicated them all. Of course, it would be a hard battle, but there are no such thing as an easy game. And easy game won't create much excitement. You will be paid with money for every zombie you kill at the end of each level. You can use the money to upgrade your weapons or your health. The zombies will be tougher as you make some progress in the game.

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