Ben 10 Wanted 2

Ben is always fighting aliens, so he have no clue on what the underworld is here in our world. However, some aliens infiltrated the underworld and has mind control some of the bosses of the underground world. Now, they share one goal and that is to destroy Ben. The latter is just back from one of his mission outer space and has no clue on what is happening. Also, his Omnitrix is broken right now, so he is no mood for some action, but the aliens are ruthless and they want to take revenge on Ben for foiling their plans. Ben need to defend himself and fight through some thugs on the road.

The idea here is to fire at first sight of the enemy since they will do the same thing to you. You get some cash for every vehicle you destroyed. Try to avoid their projectiles as that will damage your car. The game will be tougher as you make some progress. There won't be anything to pick up on the road as the whole idea is just to defend yourself from all the attackers.

Are you ready drive and destroy the other vehicles on the road?

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