Ben 10 Ride 3

Ben is always busy making sure that the world is safe from aliens. Though, he is fighting some evil aliens, there are some that loves him. Actually, he had made some friends because of his travels in the galaxy and in those travels; he has helped several alien races, but also gained some enemies of some of the most powerful races all over the galaxy. But, Grandpa Max is worried that Ben is getting too much involved with aliens and not enough time for himself. So, he told Ben to get some hobby and Ben found out that he likes riding his bike. Ben makes sure that he has some time to ride his bike whenever the world is peaceful. There is still the Plumbers to make sure that the world will be great even if Ben is not that to assist them. The idea here is to ride the bike until you reach the finish line. But that won’t be easy since the road is a hindrance to your goal. Though, you don’t need to fight someone or something in this game, it won’t be easy since the path ahead is perilous even for a superhero like Ben is.

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