Ben10 Driver

Ben is known for fighting aliens and only a few people knows the real him. Most people thought that all that it is to Ben is fighting and defeating some aliens, but they don't know that Ben is also a great driver. The truth is that he likes driving a lot more compared to fighting aliens as he makes sure that he have some time for driving his jeep whenever possible. Sometimes, he asks the Plumbers to fill-in in his absent, so the Earth won't be a place for hostile aliens. Since, he is practicing most of the time, he became good at driving his jeep. In fact, he likes taking his truck in a desert, where there are no regular roads as there are only sands everywhere he look. The desert serves as his training ground as you can hone your skills if you are going to do it in the harshest environment.

Drive the jeep through the desert and get to the finish line as fast as you can. Getting to the finish line would be long, so you need to get to the nearest stop over. The game is time restricted, so drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the stop over.

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