Ben 10: Jeep

In a small village where most farmers are living. Things are quiet down there and that is what most farmers do like about it. They can harvest vegetables and fruits because the soil is rich. Livestock comes next since they can feed it with the vegetables and fruits that they harvest. Life is such simple and they don't want to be bother, but When Ben came into the village, things won't be the same again as Ben is not used to a quiet life. With the jeep that his Grandpa Max let him borrow, he races back and forth on the small village and the farmers can't stop him.

The game has nothing to do with the farmers as they are just part of the village where our hero drive his jeep. The idea here is to reach the finish line as fast as you can. However, getting there won't be easy as the path ahead is not suitable for a jeep. It is a mountain path and you can expect things to be hard on your jeep. Fortunately, the jeep is not that hard to control. The game has no timer, but you can't enjoy it to the fullest if you are driving slow.

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