Ben 10 Fight Evil Magician

In this world, we call it magic, but all over the galaxy, it is known as science. They say that the most intelligent beings are called magician and creator of the Omnitrix has been known for that. Now, if there are good magician then there are also some bad magician such as Psyphon. Psyphon was a follower of Vilgax, but when Vilgax died, he blames it on Ben Tennyson since the latter is the guy that spoils his master's plan. IN an attempt to get back Ben, he convinces a group of super freaks to take down Ben. The group was happy to do it as they have their past with Tennyson too.

Psyphon has now taken over the world and Ben wishes to get rid of him. The idea here is to take down Psyphon and his men. You would be Rath, a tiger like alien, who have a short disposition in life and likes to destroy anything. The game looks like a batman game since you will fight in the tallest building and there are times when you need to use a grappling hook just like Batman. Anyway, the game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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