Ben 10: Zombieland

The whole world is infested with zombies. It seems the world is at its breaking point. Fortunately Ben just arrive from his mission and is now ready to fifth for us. However, it was surprise for him as he doesn't know what was going on. Also, the Omnitrix needed to be repaired as it was broken in his fight against Vilgax. Now, Ben can't transformed into an alien being to protect himself or his loves ones. It would be better for him to stay in the van, to which his grandpa owns. Anyway, the van is fortified and can't be easily destroyed. They can just run over the zombies and don't have to deal with the undead personally.

The idea here is to run over some zombies on the driveway. You get some points for that. You can also get more points by running over some blocks on the road. Another way is grabbing the Omnitrix symbol on the road. The road ahead isn't safe at all and you need to focus on driving. There are times that you need to jump off a cliff. oftentimes, there would be a mountain to climb. Fortunately, you can do that easily in this game.

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