Ben 10 Crash Cars

Ben is used to a rough world wherein everyone is tough, so when the aliens began hunting him for the Omnitrix, he was prepared for it. He don't care whether they like him or not as he isn't afraid of them. His tough upbringing prepares hi for the worst. In the small town where our hero resides comes a group of gang members, who thinks that they own the place. They would create mischief and let others suffer for it. Ben had enough of it and decided that he would take down whenever he sees them on the road since most of the gang members always drive their cars and boasted all over the road.

Drive the car as fast as you till you reach one of your target. Drive with safety in mind, at least you don't have to worry about damaging your car. However, whenever, you see one of your target, you have to forget about safety as your goal is to destroy the car by bumping into the target car. Do this until you crashed the target car. Once it is all done, you need to go after the other targets and do it over and over again till there are no more. You can proceed to the next level once you eliminated all the targets.

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