Ben 10: Stinkfly Battle

Aliens are attacking and they are not shy about it. They are not eager to hide themselves among humans as they consider humans inferior to them and might be true since the world governments can't do anything about that. Fortunately, our race has a hero that would fight for us. He is none other than Ben Tennyson, a guy that can turn into an alien. The aliens are flying, so Ben quickly turned into Stinkfly, who is the fastest alien transformation on air. Ben would not let these alien land on solid ground where they can do more harm to civilians. Ben is fighting with the World Government, but they are not of much help since the aliens are too powerful for them.

The game can either be played via mouse or keyboard. The idea here is to blast the aliens out of the sky. Collect some orbs for bonuses and grab the power-ups to gain its power. You would start at the ground, building some stamina helps you to fly longer. As yous stamina depletes, you'll fall down and that will end the turn. To stay in flight longer, you need to grab the life orb. You'll earn money after your turn and you can use the money to buy some upgrades.

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