Ben 10 Fuel Run

While on a mission to gather some resources for their planet, the captain and his shipmate was invaded by robots. The intention of the robots is to take down anyone on its way to gather the resources. The captain has sent an SOS code to the Plumbers. The Plumbers sends in their best man for the job - Ben 10. Ben was successful in disposing the robots. Now, that the captain and the crew are safe, Ben told them to set flight for home, but the captain said that he can't just do that yet as there are no fuel. Upon hearing that, Ben tried to transform, but all of his alien transformation has been gone and he can do nothing about it. Fortunately, he can scan alien DNA to turn into one. Ben scans the DNA of the captain. Though, he don't know about the powers that this new alien has, he has not other choice.

The game works like Sonic as you need to use your power to be able to defeat the enemies. Your goal is to collect all the fuel before your time runs out. Your only weapon is to turn into a ball and roll over the enemies.

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