Ben 10: Ultimate Force

It seems that the world goes back in time as terrible lizards were once again prowling the streets of New York. Aside from the dinosaurs, some of the giant size animals that were brought back to life by Dr. Animo includes a frog, parrot and rats. Ben knew that this should not go on as the human would be eliminated from the face of the world if this goes on. He transformed into Heatblast and battles the monsters. These animals must not leave as they would feast on the human beings when they get hungry. Ben wants to take down Animo for good as he has gone too far this time.

The idea here is to get to the safe area, where you can rest. Grab as many Omnitrix symbols as you can since each one is equivalent to points. You can also get some more points from killing the animals. Grab the red X as that would make things easier for you. By grabbing the X, you would transform into Heatblast and you can shoot projectile. However, your transformation is only for a short period. Even if you haven't transform into an alien, you can still battle with the monster, but don't expect to win easily.

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