Ben 10 Heatblast Attack

The world is under attack and not even the most powerful countries in the world can stop the alien invasion. In fact, even if they merge together into one single government, they would still be a no match for the alien force. The only hope lies upon the shoulder of one person, who has the power of the aliens. Ben got the Omnitris, which allows him to transform into different aliens and be able to use the alien powers. When Ben heard about the invasion, he and his sister Gwen quickly build a parameter around the area, so they can limit the damage. While Gwen act as the defense, Ben prepares to launch an attack, transforming into Heatblast.

Try to kill as many aliens that you can. You don't have to get the aliens in one level, but try to get as much as possible since that would get you more points. There are two attacks that you can use, the normal attack and the special attack. Since the special attack is very powerful, you would need to build those power bar to use it. Even if you are not using the special attack, you can still hit hard with the normal attack by holding the attack button and then releasing it.

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