Ben 10 Extreme Race

As much as Ben likes fighting aliens and exploring the galaxy, he would need a hobby as he is becoming boring as he grows up. Even, his grandpa is much more exciting compared to him. At his age now, he need to enjoy life, even though, he is saving the world. It is important to have some time for himself or he can't fully enjoy his life as a teenager. The Plumbers know that Ben can't have a day-off because there are no day off for evil. They promise to take care of everything while Ben is out and enjoying his day. Ben always like biking when he was younger and now that he is older, his hobby also evolves into a much sophisticated sport - Motorcycle riding. He was fortunate to have heard of the upcoming motorcycle race.

Ride your bike as fast as you can till you cross the starting line twice. Make sure that you won't bump into anything since that will slow you down. Grab the Nitro that you can see on the road if you can. Otherwise forget about it and just concentrate on maneuvering your bike. The track is difficult as course has a lot of curves that you need to overcome.

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