Ben 10 Kart 3D

Ben likes his adrenalin pumping and that is the same reason why he likes to brawl with aliens. Whenever, his life is in danger the adrenalin gland pumps in more adrenalin. However, things don't happen all the time and as such, Ben can't expect a mad scientist and an alien attacking all the time. Since, he want to pump his adrenalin, he need to put his life in danger once again. Racing is a good way to get your adrenalin pumping as you would endanger your own life trying to maneuver your kart most of the time. This is among Ben's favorite pastime whenever there are no excitement in his life.

Wait for the signal before starting your engine. At the last count, drive your car as fast as you can, but don't forget some safety precautions that you need to practice while driving. Safety is always first in everything we do. Watch out for those oil slick as that would make your kart out of control. Run over the booster signs and you would get far faster than you can think off. The idea here is to finish the race as fast as you can. You need to pass the starting line three time to finish the level.

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