Ben10 Jet Mission

The Plumbers sent Ben to another planet in a mission to save its residents from an alien invasion. The residents aren't that high-tech, but their planet has valuable resources that the invading force want. They couldn't do anything against the might of the fleet. They know that their end will soon come, if help won't come early. Fortunately, Ben was sent to their planet to help save the day. The invaders are using spaceships, so Ben needed to use a jet to match the invaders technology.

The idea of the game is to reach the goal. You can see your quest goal's progress in your screen. You don't need to destroy every spaceships in this game, but that will help to lessen the number of ships attacking you. Grab some Omnitrix symbols to gain more powerful. Try to avoid the ships and their projectiles. Try to reach the checkpoints, so you don't need to start at the very beginning of the game when your ship is destroyed. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress. There is a time limit in reaching the checkpoint, so you need to go forward every time you have a chance.

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