Ben 10 Vs Zombies Action 2

Ben was out battling some aliens outer space when the zombie Apocalypse happened. He has no clue on what is happening in our world. After his mission in the galaxy, he went home to have a relaxing time with his bike, but found out that he can't do the same thing that was used to. More than ever, the world needs him to save the world from an evil that might be the reason for the extinction of the human race. This is a bad moment for him as his Omnitrix got broken. It would take a few weeks before Asmutt could repair the Omnitrix. For now, he would have to entrust his life with a bolo and some gun that he could find along the way.

This is a non-stop game, wherein you need to move constantly and kill constantly to live longer. You don't even need to go far as zombies will come your way. There will be some weapons dropping along the way. You need to pick it up to use it. The ammunition aren't much, but there are lots of weapons that you can use. If you manage to get enough combo kills then you can use the special attack to kill the zombies. The power of special attacks depends upon the combo kills.

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