Ben10: Earth Defender

Earth is under attack and the world government knows that they can't hold the fight against these aliens for long. They need a hero that would lead the army. What the government lacks in firepower, the hero would fill in with the courage to fight the invading aliens. Fortunately, Ben just got home from one of his inter-galaxy mission. Now, that Ben is here, the soldiers of the world renewed their courage. They might not leave to tell about it, but they know that what they do will not be in vain, for they have a hero to back them up. Ben knows that he can't do it alone, so he would need to keep the soldiers moral up. Using a spaceship that the Plumbers provide for him, he launch to outer space and do battle with the invading aliens.

The game is played via mouse and this game is non-stop, which means that you need to keep on fighting as long as you have some life left in you. Each enemy, you failed to destroy becomes a problem for you later as the enemies can shoot you at the back even if they are out of the screen already. The enemies become tougher as you make some progress, but there won't be some power-ups to help you.

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