Ben10: Fishing Game

Fish a good source of protein and is also good for us since fishes don't have much fat, which is good for us. Fishing is one of the most favorite pastime for our parents since it relaxes them and they also bring in some food to the table through fishing. Ben is always fighting aliens and his grandpa fears that he isn't getting his much needed rest most of the time. Grandpa Max feels that Ben's body would just give up one day, so he advises Ben to go fishing. Ben takes his advise and went to the lake to catch some fishes.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to catch as many fish as you can until there is time left. There are lots of fishes in the lake, but there are also lots of trash. You don't want to collect the trash since that will deduct some points off your score. This game doesn't have any level as the game ends after the time ends. You can get more points if you manage to catch the same species in one throw of the line. Always try to catch as many fish as you can all the time because your time is limited in this game.

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