Ben 10: Super Run

As we all know, Ben is the type of guy, who goes into action every time he is needed. But, he isn't the type of guy, who thinks before taking action and as a result, this makes him easily to predict. He was called by the Plumbers to investigate some alien sighting in one country. Of course, he quickly goes there to investigate and when he confirmed the report, he immediately take into action without reporting to the headquarters. He is powerful, but he is outnumbered. Soon after, he found himself surrounded and has no choice, but to run as fast as he can. He knows that he can't do anything without his alien transformation. It would take some time before the Omnitrix can fully recharge again. For now, he needed to escape, so he could come back later on and take action.

The idea here is to run as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. There are lots of obstacles along the way and you can either dock, jump, slide, punch it. Of course, you should know when to use either of the four action or you won't get far. The score is computed with the distance you traveled, orbs and diamonds you collected.

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