Ben 10: Spidermonkey Jump

A group of alien banded together and kidnap Ben's cousin, Gwen. They demanded Ben to give up the Omnitrix and surrender to them, but knows better as the aliens are up to no good. They would just keep on doing some mischiefs even if Ben surrendered to them. Besides, without the alien watch, Ben would be powerless. It would be better if Ben would take his chance rather than to give up. As we already know, Ben can't control which type of alien can he use as it is selected randomly. The random selection led Ben to transform into Spidermonkey. Though, he can't fly, he is able to climb some walls.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to jump every time there is danger. There is no way to fight the aliens ( well at least, you can use the jumping ability against flying types, but not on the wall cling aliens). Another obstacle is the platform as you would fall once you have right into contact with it. There is a shield that you can use, but you need to look for it and grab it once yo find it. However, you can use it only once.

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