Gwen Dress Up Game

Whenever Ben is in trouble, people thinks that he just reach in to his Omnitrix., but actually, he got some help from his friends. Among them is his cousin, Gwen. Ben is not the only kid with a super power as Gwen got one too. Ben might have an omnitrix, but Gwen an wield magic simply via her thought. At first, she thought that she learn magic from the spell book that she got from Charmcaster, but later on, she discovered her alien heritage. Aside from his magic, she is also has s karate black belt.

Pretty descent abilities, but has nothing to do with this game. Like any girl, she likes to dress fashionably. The game is played via mouse and the idea is to dress her up fashionably. There is no time limit in playing this game. You can change her clothes or leave it as it is. Put some accessories and change the background to fit the outfit. You decide when you want to finish the game. You can even experiment with her look until you got tired of it and decide to end the game. Click "Done" and you see the result of your experiments.

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