Ben 10 Ultimate

Ben is always fighting some alien that want to rule the world or better yet, the galaxy. But, now, he is in a different world as there are no aliens this time, but the danger is still there. Unfortunately, his Omnitrix got damage and now, he need to collect some parts to have it repaired again. He knows that this won't be easy since there are robots patrolling the area. This robot won't hesitate to kill him, if got caught. Ben don't want to confront the robots just yet as he is wise enough to know that he don't stand a chance against robots.

Ben won't be fighting in this game as he need to avoid contact with the robot, but we all know that won't be easy since there are robots patrolling the area, wherever he goes. You need to collect as much Omnitrix as you can without even touching the robots. Should a robot gets too close to you then you lose one of your lives. You have 10 lives in the game that you can use throughout the game. Remember that you don't have any way of fighting back, so you wouldn't want to touch the robot. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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