Ben 10: Stunt Mania

Ben Tennyson is the kind of guy, who wants to be in the spot. Most of the time, he would be busy battling some aliens, but there are times when he have some free time and that is when he shows some of his favorite moves. By battling some aliens, he proves that he doesn't fear anyone or anything at all. If you think that you already know all about him then you are mistaken since there are only a handful of people that knows his likes. Here is a secret that you might not know as he like performing some stunts on his big bikes. Whenever, he sees the opportunity, he would perform some stunts.

Your goal in this game is to reach the required points to advance to the next level. You don't have to do some front flip or back flips since that is too risky. But, if you want to do that then you do so as that would give you a big boost in terms of points. You can do two stunts while you are on air to make it easier for you to accumulate the points you would need to advance to the next level.

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