Ben 10: Cannon

Ben is always busy fighting some aliens. He makes sure that none of these aliens get the better of us. He don't want to know that some aliens are trying to dominate us in any way. But, like people, there are good and bad aliens. The good aliens help Ben and the Plumbers create some order in our world or the galaxy. In fact, most of the gadgets that Ben uses comes from the good alien. One great example is the Omnitrix, which allows Ben to transform into different aliens at a time and use their power to battle bad aliens. The OMnitrix is not the only device the good aliens created to help Ben and the Plumbers as there are more. Most of these gadgets haven't been credited , but they are very useful in battle. Take instance the cannon that Ben is using; it is very powerful and could take out lots of alien at a time.

This game introduces Ben's cannon, but not in a deadly way. Instead, you would need to target the Omnitrix symbols in the area. The idea here is to use the mouse point where you want the bomb to fall. There are only a limited ammo, and he less ammo you use; you would get more star.

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