Ben 10 Versus Predators

Ben is the best hero that Earth have to take on the alien invaders. Actually, Ben is the only hero that we have since most people would tremble upon knowing that aliens exist in this world. The Plumbers are always there, but honestly, they just act as a police. They won't do anything unless, the alien is is doing bad to the galaxy. Small time aliens, who prey on helpless humans aren't their concern. As Ben's reputation grew, his popularity caught the attention of the hunters of the universe, better known as Predator. These aliens would hunt anything for trophy.

The idea of the game is to fight alien predators. You can use four ways to fight the aliens - knife, gun and magic. of course, magic would be your greatest weapon in this game. Any of the said weapon can be use anytime you want and you won't be out of it. You'll earn money based on how many aliens you killed. You can use the money to buy better weapons. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress. You need to eradicate all aliens in a level before you can proceed to the next level.

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