Ben10 Parashooter

When Ben heard about the secret base of the aliens in a windy area. He knows that they are up to no good. Honestly, why anyone would set up a base there for no reason. The place is not something that could easily be access by anyone. Only those, who want to stay hidden even for the Plumbers would set up a base there. Ben was sent to investigate the area. Unfortunately, he can't use his Omnitrix as it was busted during the last mission. Now, he needs to rely on the blaster, which the Plumbers provide for him. He also need to rely on his parashoot to safely reach the secret base.

The idea here is to land on the ground. While you are up on air, aliens would come up and shoot at you. You can get some weapons and some heal too, but that doesn't mean that you should let them shoot you. Try to shoot the fan whenever you get close to it since it would blow you away and you can't land on the ground. The game gets harder and harder as you move from one level to another.

Are you ready to shoot some aliens while you are on a parashoot?

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