Ben10 Space Shooter

Space aliens are sprouting like viruses outer space. Nothing can stop them as they are continually multiplying as if they came from out of nowhere. The Plumbers are terrified as they know that this means a mass invasion. They sent in Ben to deal with the alien viruses. Somehow, it must be stop or life on Earth would cease to exist. However, this is bad time for Ben since his Omnitrix can't be use to transform. It was damage on his last trip. It would take weeks before it can be restore to function perfect. On the other side, the Omnitrix still have its ability to scan DNA data. This is a perfect opportunity for Ben to have a new alien transformation like he nothing he have seen so far in all his travel.

The idea of the game is to survive as countless alien viruses appears from out of nowhere. They would attack you instantly, so try to waste them as soon as they appear. Don't let them touch you. You only have a limited life and if they touch you then they would hurt you. In this game, you don't need to click to shoot, just point your shooter to where the enemies are and it will shoot.

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