Ben 10: Driver

You might think that all Ben knows is fighting. You might be right there since he is very good at it, but that is not all to Ben because he certainly have other talents. Aside from his talents, he also like to enjoy himself driving. He got cars, bike and jeep. He likes all his vehicles, but what he truly enjoys the most is driving his jeep on a mountain path. A mountain path is a dangerous path since the road ahead isn't straight at all. It has full of curves that could prove fatal to a driver since it would launch his vehicle on air. You need to be a skilled driver if you want to survive such a dangerous path. And that is what Ben is all about.

Drive your jeep as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Your jeep won't explode or something serious. You need to drive fast since the bonus points dwindle down to nothing each second you let pass. Try to grab as many Omnitrix for more points. Be wary of the path ahead as it is a dangerous path. one mistake and you can see your jeep crush. There is a warning sign to where it is most dangerous, so be prepared when you see it.

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