Ben10: Blood Days

Ben Tennyson was out of the planet, when the unexpected happened. Something has triggered the doomsday device. Turning most of the populations into mindless zombies. The zombies eat people and each people they eat turns into another zombie. Now, most of the world is filled with zombies. Upon arrival on the planet, Ben learns about the new danger that has befallen the planet. Some survivors manages to build some camp, but they would need some help to survive longer. Ben help them, but unfortunately, he can't use the Omnitrix in this situation since it is broken. Ben found a gun and is now using it against the undead. He knows that he would not last long if he can't other survivors that would help him in his fight against the zombies.

The idea here is to defend the barricade since it is your protection against the zombies. You would hold a gun in the start, but don't worry since you can find powerful weapons as you search the city. You can also find some survivors and they would help you defend the barricade against the zombies. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress. You can't equip your survivors better gun in this game.

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