Ben 10 Save Gwen 3

Gwen might be a powerful ally, but as much she don't like it, she is still a girl. And girls are weaker than boys. Ben knows that this would happen and that he would come to save her in times of trouble. They might have their arguments, but she is still a family and family sticks together no matter what.

Gwen was mining her own business then suddenly, she lost consciousness. She woke up later in a prison that seems to nullify her powers. Gwen can't do anything, but fortunately, the abductor forgot to search her belonging. Gwen was able to call Ben. Ben came to the rescue.

Like the name of the game suggest, your task is to save Gwen. Gwen is inside a prison and you would need a key to break her out of it. The key would be block by a huge rock, which you need to break. You would need a hammer to break it. Collect all the hearts that you see on each level. You would need to stick a spear on the wall to be able to climb up. You need to act quick since the spear doesn't last long. There are no timer in the game.

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