Super Squad

When the Null Void projector got stolen by Mojo Jojo, Ben knows that Aggreggor is behind it and it won't be long till he would unleash the DNAliens on Earth. This could mean that all life on Earth would seize to exist. Ben can't do it alone as he need some help from the best of the best. He assembled a team of heroes, which would stop the invasion, but he knows that it is not easy to train this team. For now, he would need to train their reflexes, so when the time come, they would be ready for anything.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to catch the ball being thrown in different directions. You would see on the screen where the machine would throw the ball and you need to click on the character to where the ball is thrown. You need to click the character at the right time for them to catch the ball. The game doesn't have a level as you would need to keep on catching the ball as long as the machine keeps on shooting those balls. At the end of the game, you would see your score and you can play it again if you want too.

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