Ben 10: Space Invaders

Vilgax want the Omnitrix since that would give him the power he needed to raise an army or super soldiers. Though, he has so much advance weapons, that won't be enough to rule the galaxy as every space cop would have the same technology that he uses. However, the Omnitrix would give his army unique powers as they would be able to transform into different aliens. Along with the alien transformations, they would be able to use different alien powers. However, Ben would not be willing to give up the Omnitrix and that is why Vilgax resorted to destroying the Earth. Ben transformed into Upgrade to do combat with the drones of Vilgax.

The idea here is to destroy every last bit of the aliens drones. Try not to destroy your base as that would provide some cover for your ship. If you have played some old games like Galaga or Galaxian then you would be familiar with this game as this game made after those games. You need to shoot every last bit of them. Whenever you shot a mother ship, you would get more points. However, that won't end the level as you need to finish all the drones in a level.

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