Ben 10: Air Strike

Ben is a force to be reckon with since he have the Omnitrix, but do you think that he matter if he doesn't have the device. For many people, Ben might just be a kid, who got lucky, but what you didn't know is that Ben would fight this aliens even without his alien device. That day came when his OMnitrix got broken in one of his alien battle. It need to be repaired and the only one that could repair it is none other than Asmutt - the creator of the Omnitrix. However, it would take a few weeks to repair the device. Unfortunately, evil doesn't wait as the aliens lunch a massive attack to invade Earth. Together with the United world government's army, navy and air force, they are able t fight the alien. Ben uses a jet to make sure that the air is safe.

The idea is to take down the enemies as fast as you can. These enemies would not just pass you as they would stay and destroy your jet. You need to take them out immediately or there would be swarming on you. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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