Ben10 Dragon Blaze

Dragons appear in the myth, but you would notice that these myth comes from all over the world. It just mean that our ancestor knows something that we don't about them. Nowadays, we don't see dragons flying anymore, but this might be because they are hiding as they have learn that they are in danger. Maybe, they are an alien that comes into this world a long time ago.

The Forever Knights is a group of anti-aliens and they have captured one of the mystical dragons, who happens to be an alien. When Ben found out that it was an alien, he help it to escape. Eventually, they became friends. When Vilgax decided an all out war against the Earth. Ben called in some of his friends. Now, this once mystical creatures are here to help.

The idea here is to defeat countless enemies. If you got surrounded then you need to use the special attack, which would eradicate most of your enemies in an instant. Using it on bosses greatly reduce their life points. Some enemies would give you a power boost and you would notice it on the dragon breath. More dragons could be unlock as you make some progress in the game.

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