Ben 10: Ultimate Force 2

When Dr. Animo discover the secret of the fossils, he vow to return the Jurassic period to this era by reviving the dinosaurs. He knows that compared to the animals he uses for his lab experiments, these terrible lizards as bigger and stronger. If he can't be stop then this might signal the end of mankind and the new beginning of a new era, wherein he would rule the world. Ben needs to step in and save the day. Dr. Animo must be stop at all cost before the world is once again populated by the dinosaurs.

Beat Animo by defeating the dinosaurs and other mutates in the game. The idea here is to get to the secret door safely. You can only turn into an alien when you get the X symbol. When you do that, you can have the power of an alien at your disposal. That means that you can easily kill your enemies without even touching them. You can still fight the enemies without an alien power, but your character would surely take damage. You only have three life in the game and when that is all gone then the game is over.

Care to save the world from Animo?

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