Ben 10: Partner Adventure

Being independent is a great thing, but there are something that is meant to be done with another person. Doing that with another person makes the two of you friends. If you manage to get a lot of friends then you an form a group or something. That means, you won't be alone anymore for most of your life.

When Ben and his cousin, Gwen found out about the secret lair of the parasitic alien, they know that they needed to investigate something since these guys are always up to no good. And they can't take them on their own. They needed the help of the Plumbers and the said group won't act unless the aliens are doing wrong.

You are controlling both Ben and Gwen in this game. Remember that there are things that only Ben can and vice versa. You need to control the two, so you can go on further in the game. The game can be controlled in one keyboard. Whoever you want to control first is all up to you. You just need to finish one task at a time, so an opportunity would open on the other character.

Are you ready to save the world?

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