Ben 10 Ice Bus Parking

Ben is always busy with his alien affairs. Most of the time, he would do battle with the aliens, but then again those aliens has bad intention not only to our world, but the whole galaxy. Not alien are bad and Ben knows it. When Ben was younger, he thought that all aliens are bad, but experience and the Plumber thought him that he can trust some alien. As he grow old, he made friends with some of the aliens. And because of this, he earns some vacation; he knows that Earth is safe because his friends will help in the fight against those evil ones that want to harm other aces. One of Ben's favorite pastime is driving. One day, a friend ask him to drive a bus for them, but the road was too slippery. Ben said to himself that it is another challenge that he needs to overcome.

Come help Ben to drive the bus safely to its destination. The game has a time limit, so you would want to finish the level as soon as possible. However, that won't be possible since the road is slippery. You need to maneuver the truck to the parking space before time ends.

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