Ben 10: Shoot out

Ben Tennyson has been fighting aliens most of his life. Now, that he is older, aliens do respect him as he is well-known in far away galaxies. Most good alien idolizes him, but the bad alien despise him for what he does. The bad aliens form an alliance and decided that they need to pay Ben's home planet a visit. That is what they did and soon chaos is here on our planet. Ben decided that it is time that he settles this with the bad aliens. He know that they won't stop unless they are taken down. That is what Ben needs to do and that is what he would do. Unfortunately, he can't always rely on his alien transformation since it have a time limit. The Omnitrix needed to cool down before it can be use again.

The idea of the game is to save planet Earth. The game is simple as you just need to blast your way all through the enemies. Try not to get hit as often. Grab some icon changing power to transform to either one of the aliens. The alien transformation are powerful, so one hit is all it takes for any enemies. Reach a checkpoint and you would never need to start from the beginning of that level.

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