Ben 10: Bomber

The aliens are here and there is nothing that the government can do about it. All hope goes to Ben, but the problem is that his Omnitrix is broken right now and he can't transform into an alien. Fortunately, the Plumbers lend him a blaster that he can use in this time of need. He just need to aim and shoot the aliens. The problem is that most alien are not in the open and targeting them would be impossible. The only choice is to use the environment against the aliens. Compared to the aliens, Ben knows more about the surroundings since Ben have been here almost all of his life.

The game can only be played through the use of a mouse. You need to shoot the alien to kill it. Some aliens would be hard to reach, so you should fully understand how you can use the surroundings against the alien. Your projectile can bounce, but there are platforms to which your projectile doesn't bounce. Fortunately, the surroundings provide some ways to reach the aliens. The game has a time limit, so try to hit the alien as early as you can.

Help Ben to obliterate the aliens!!!

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