Ben 10: BMX

Ben and Kevin were enemies when they were younger, but as they step in to adulthood, their friendship starts growing. Kevin fells in love with Ben's cousin, Gwen. Soon, Ben and Kevin starts working together. Their friendship grows and since then they become friends. of course, they did have some arguments, but that happens to the best of them. However, the competition between them is still there as both of them don't want to lose against the other. One day, Kevin challenge Ben to a BMX bike racing, to which the latter didn't decline. The race starts and soon the two of them are using their BMX on a mountain road to find out who is better.

Try to balance your bike while making sure that Kevin won't lead the race. That would be a problem since whoever starts up early usually ends up as the winner. There are no secret in this game as you just need to make sure that you can handle the bike well. At least, try not to slam the bike to the ground too much since that would be your undoing. Grab the alien transformation along the way for extra points. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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