Ben10 Boxing Game

We all know that Ben is the kind of guy, who never backs down from a fight. He is one tough kid when he was still young and when he becomes a teenager, he patrols the galaxy to protect everyone from evil aliens that want to do harm to the galaxies. It is not just humans that he is protecting, so he needs to be tough and being tough is inborn for him. But, that won't earn him money, so, when he become an adult, he tried to find a job, but the world is that tough and it don't care on whoever you are. Luckily for him, he notice a poster looking for more boxers. He tried out and become a boxer. He knows that he can make it big in this industry since he knows how to fight well. With some training, he can surely go head to head with the best of them.

The idea of the game is to knock your opponent down, but that won't be easy as your opponent will also try to do that to you. You need to beat him nice and slow till he breaks up. As you move from one level to another, your opponent also becomes tougher.

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