Ben 10 Truck Smash

Gwen and Charmcaster have been rival for most of their lives, but there is a point, wherein they help one another against a powerful being. They defeated the being and was able to restore peace throughout ledgerdomain, but somehow, Charmcaster is not contented at ruling the dimension. He also want to take over Earth. She knows that this would result to a conflict between her and Ben, but her ambitions are far too great. Upon, Ben's arrival, he learned that Chamrcaster has taken over the world. Ben seeks out Charmcaster to stop her, but he can't use the Omnitrix since it was broken. Fortunately, the Plumbers lend him a monster truck to be use against the rock monster that Charmcaster command.

Your goal is to reach the finish line safely. Try to make a run to the destination since your time is limited. Your power is limited and keeps on dwindling even while you are still. The power loss becomes greater once you got hit by a rock monster. Grab as much green orbs that you can find for more points. Grab the omnitrix symbol to activate booster. You need to reach the destination before your power is completely depleted.

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