Grand Theft Counter Strike

When the going gets rough, the tough gets going. That is an old saying that we need to follow as we can't break down in the middle of a crisis. We must do all of what we can do till we become victorious or lose. At the end of the day, it all comes back to doing something rather than nothing. That is how we must think to become someone. If we let other put us down then they would just keep on doing that to us and we might not become someone. We might think that we are nothing and not do something about it. It is not about winning as it is more about trying. Those two are different, but the latter is more important than the other.

In this game, we experience how it is to become a man. We will fight on till the last bullet. The game can only be played via mouse and you need to keep on shooting the enemies till you run out of bullets. The game is non-stop and would not stop just because you are doing something else. There are no levels in this game, which means that there are no way to rest in this game.

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